How Do You Know When is The Best Time to Sell Your House

Should I wait for Spring to Sell my Triangle Home?
This is a very common question we hear all the time. Let's take a look at the pros and cons. First, let me tell you, Real Estate agents do not go on vacation 9 months out of the year. As a matter of fact, some of us rarely vacation at all. People are buying and selling all year long. If you go to the court house, you'll see there are homes closing every business day of the year.
The real question is, when do you really need to sell your home? Are you planning to also buy a home?
In many areas of the Triangle (not all), school do drive home sales. That is because people with children are trying to move when it will least affect their children or when they can change school between years. Those areas are often area affected by people relocating to and from other cities, states, and countries for jobs. However, there are families who will move and stay in the same schools or are in private schools and not concerned what time of year it is. They will move when they find the house they love.
Many people don't want to bother with moving during the summer months because those are premium vacation months and they would rather enjoy the lovely weather, walking trails, mountains, and beaches, than look at houses and move. Those people will usually call Realtors in the fall or spring. 
Some of our most challenging times will begin in October and extend through January when inventory is at its lowest. We will have home buyers fully approved and ready to buy and no homes to sell them. That is when we'll be on the phone with everyone we know and their brother asking who wants to sell. 
So, yes, spring and summer can be a great time to sell because of the pent up demand. But, fall and winter can be great because of the lack of inventory.
Long story short, sell your home when it is best for you to move. Don't wait for spring to sell when everyone else is selling just for the sake of waiting for spring. The competition is greater.