Staging Your Home for Sale

Is it worth it to stage your Raleigh-Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill Home? Does staging a home make it sell faster or for more money?
Did you know staging can make a huge difference when it comes to selling your Triangle home? In my opinion, the amount it affects the value or time on the market depends on the market itself. Staging will have a greater affect on a home's value and time on the market in a more depressed market or in an area that is harder to sell. No matter how you size it up, it will have an affect on the value and/or the time on the market.
If you have never staged a home before, you should leave it to your professional Real Estate agent for advice on how to best go about staging your home. 
Do Realtors pay to stage your home? In most situations the answer is no. With our team, it is a case by case basis. For a small to medium property in good condition, we may have the supplies and time to stage the property for you. It's all negotiable depending on the marketing and selling program selected for selling your property. This would include light staging. 
While our team is staging certified, If a seller requires we bring in someone who only does staging as their main business or if we need to stage with furniture and additional fees are incurred, the seller generally absorbs those fees.
We recommend you meet with us to discuss all options and what is necessary to get your property sold. Our expertise will be very valuable when it comes to staging your property.
Our goal is not to save home sellers as much money as possible.