Free Market Analysis for Your Raleigh, Cary and Triangle Home

Advice on How to Sell your Raleigh Cary Apex Home Knowing what your home is worth is important when considering selling your home. So how do you find out what your home is worth? What is the first source you should consult when seeking to find the value of your home or when considering selling your home?
The first place to go when you are trying to find out the value of your home is your Preferred Real Estate professional. A good Realtor is in tune with current market conditions, local economy, communities, neighborhoods, and pricing.
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Should I get an appraisal if I’m planning to sell my home? An appraiser is a licensed professional who is paid a fee to give a comprehensive market analysis of a property. They typically do home appraisal for banks and mortgage companies. The appraisal is a one-time, one-day evaluation and will not be used by banks when a contract is in place. Once you have a contract on your property from a buyer, their mortgage company will order an appraisal from an independent appraiser who will give a market value or opinion of the value of the property.
Can I count on Estimated Values, Automated Values, or Computer Generated Values of my home found on property search engines? In my experience, automated or computer generated value systems are often not accurate estimates of your home’s value. They are often too high or too low. On rare occasion they are in the right price range. My theory is that our area is a complex area to evaluate. North Carolina is interesting because we have many different price neighborhoods next to one another. Maybe some homes in a neighborhood back to a road, utility lines, or commercial property. And in the real world, yield a lower value than the remainder of the neighborhood. On the same token, perhaps a neighborhood has some homes that back to a lake, golf course, or conservation area and yield a higher value. There are just too many things that can play into a home’s values. You may even be surprised at some. 
It takes research, knowledge, and accurate comparables to come up with solid price range for a home or property. The current market conditions also need to be taken into consideration. Understanding the appraisal or price opinion process is very important. The estimates you find online do challenge you to figure out what makes a property more valuable or less valuable than what the online estimate states. Believe me, if our estimate is different, there will certainly be at least one person who wants to know why. Keep in mind, a computer generated estimate is only as good as the program itself. That’s why you can find different values from different programs.
Can I go by the tax value associated with my property? No. Now, wouldn’t that take all the fun out of it? As good as our tax system is, they couldn’t possibly keep up with market changes.
How do I choose the Ideal Realtor to give me a market analysis? The Real Estate Professional who provides you with a market analysis should be extremely versed in market analysis and preparing comparables. They need to understand what is going on with your community. He or she should be able to explain the value associated with your property and not just go with what YOU think it should be.
What will it take to get my hold SOLD? Price, Location, Condition, and attracting prospective Buyers are the main components to getting a home SOLD.
How do I choose the Right Realtor to List my Home for Sale? There are many qualities a Real Estate Professional should possess when selling your home. In addition to being able to price your home correctly, the ideal Realtor should be persistent, possess integrity, have experience, help you prepare the home for the market and present your home to the largest group of home buyers. Once an offer has been made, he or she should be able to expertly negotiate the most favorable offer for you and help you navigate the contract to close process.
Where do Realtors find Buyers? Most home buyers begin their search on the internet. Estimates are as high as 85% - 93% and rising. Realtor need to have a strong internet presence in order to attract the greatest number of home buyers and put your property in front of not only numerous home buyers, but the RIGHT home buyers. So, which Realtor is attracting the most home buyers?
by Carla Freund