Preparing Your Home for Sale

Preparing Your Raleigh Cary NC Home for Sale
What more could you want than to get your home sold for top dollar in short order without any hassles? Below is a Preliminary List of "Things to do When Preparing Your Home for Sale". If you take a moment and read through the following suggestions before you put the property on the market, you’ll be on your way to a successful sale. When You List Your Home for Sale with our Team, You'll Receive a More Comprehensive Home Sale Preparation List and an "Action Plan".
Our goal is to simplify, depersonalize, and de-clutter the home in order for it to show larger and brighter, giving a more spacious feeling to potential buyers. These steps will provide you with an advantage over the competition. Some items may need to be removed to storage and packed for moving. This is important and should be considered as merely giving you a head start on the move to your new home.
  • Start by airing out the home. Most people are turned off by even the smallest odor. Odors must be eliminated, especially if you have dogs, cats, or young children in diapers or if you are a smoker.
  • If it has been over a year since the carpets have been cleaned—or if they really need it—now is the time to do it. Bare floors should be waxed or polished, as well.
  • Clean and wipe down all stained woodwork including doors and cabinets with a wood maintenance product such as “Old English” or “Liquid Gold.”
  • Replace or clean A/C filters. Clean all A/C vents and intake grids.
  • Keep A/C set no warmer than 75 degrees and heat no cooler than 70 degrees.
  • Use an air freshener in each room (Glade “Plug-ins” work well, but try to avoid floral scents as they can be too strong).  by Carla Freund
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