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Apex, NC: "The Peak of Good Living"
by Carla Freund
Where is Apex, NC?
Street where you can find real estate in Apex, NC is a suburb of Raleigh, NC and often referred to as “Peak City” because it was at the highest portion of the Chatham Railroad. Apex adopted the motto “Peak of Good Living” and consistently lives up to its name. Neighboring towns include Raleigh to the east, Cary to the north and northeast, and Holly Springs to the south. It has a Popular and Bustling Historic Downtown, suburban areas, and rural areas. People come from all over to enjoy Downtown Apex Festivities and Quaintness.
You can even view the town on the Apex, NC Webcam.
What is the Housing Market Like in Apex, NC?
For 2012, homes in the Apex, North Carolina area are selling well. Contracts are up and Inventory Down. We are seeing a very strong sales trend in Apex. Zip Codes for the Apex Area include 27502, 27539, 27523 and 27562.
Are all Homes in Apex, NC Comparable in Price?
Prices, Inventory, Sales and Days on the Market may vary depending on the area of Apex the home is located. Apex has a bustling and very popular downtown area. Homes closer to the downtown area are likely to have a higher sales price.
What Determines the Price of Homes in Apex, NC?
Factors that affect the price of homes in Apex, NC may include but, are not limited to location, Desirability/Availability, Age of home, Quality or Construction Type, Acreage or Amount of Land. 
Location: Apex, NC has a downtown area, suburban area, rural areaplus historic homes. Location has always been the number one factor in home prices. In many cases, the homes closer to downtown will yield a higher cost. Of course, all the other factors play a part when comparing one downtown home to another. Homes that have special amenities you can’t find just anywhere will also yield a higher value.
Desirability/Availability: The more desirable an area, the more valuable. The less available homes are, the higher the value. Combine the two and you have a great example of supply and demand. If everyone wants the same area or neighborhood, the value goes up. If there’s only one house in that area or neighborhood that will push prices up as well. Apex certainly has areas that are highly desirable and some of those areas have low inventory.
Age of Home: Generally speaking, a newer home will have a greater value than an older homebecause it has new or newer major systems and parts (e.g. roof, heating and air, water heater), is updated (e.g. granite, hardwoods, cabinets), has newer construction material (hardi-plank, brick, stone accents eg.), and has a longer life expectancy. Older homes will vary depending on whether they’ve been updated or not, age of their major systems and parts, and unique factors such as large lots and you may not be able to get with a newer home. However, Apex does have Historic Homeswhich stand apart from new construction or older homes. All of these things can affect the value of a home or perceived value of a home.
Quality or Construction Type: All homes are not created equal and the difference in construction can make a huge difference in price.  Ask yourself what you value in a home. What does the home represent to you? Folks have different views of homes and their values. Is it a custom home? Is the quality of construction above and beyond the standard building code? Does it include special features such as solar panels, upgraded insulation, superior building materials or higher quality exterior siding? Does it come with all the bells and whistles? Does it have unique features not found in competitor homes? Is the land more valuable? Is the cost to replicate this home higher than the cost to replicate other homes? Does it offer lifestyle features not offered in other homes (e.g. Screen porch, outdoor fireplace, swimming pool, and amenities). These things can make a difference of 30% to 130% in price. You cannot simply compare a house in one neighborhood or sub-neighborhood to another. For example, while Betty’s beautiful tract built home sells for $100 per sq. ft in Lovely Acres, Bob’s Custom Superior built home may sell for $200 per sq. ft. in Gorgeous Acres located just across the street.
Condition of Home: Newer home generally sell better because they have the latest greatest interior features, higher quality construction, good condition, updated major systems, and are more efficient. Some people prefer older homes that have “good bones”. Either way, people today want “move-in ready” homes that are in good condition. A home in poor condition will sell for a reduced price because buyers are taking on the expense and time of bringing it up to current conditions. Sometimes they don’t know what they’re going to find when they get started on this project. Homes in excellent or above average condition may sell for a higher price if the market allows and it appraises. More than likely, a home in superior condition will sell quicker that competitor homes. In 2012, a seller cannot afford to have an attitude about not doing repairs or selling with deferred maintenance issues.
Acreage or Amount of Land: Land values can create an interesting discussion. Again, it begins with location followed by desirability but, there may be more to the story. Downtown Apex homes will often have a higher land value than some areas simply because folks want to live in Downtown Apex. The further away you are from everything, the more likely your land value will be somewhat less. It could also be determined by the topography of the land, land use, location of the lot in a neighborhood or simply the neighborhood. You might find a house on an acre that seems like a great value and it might be. Or, perhaps the lot would only allow one house per acre. For example, if a developer or builder is looking to develop a neighborhood he’s going to look for land that allows him to put the greatest amount of homes on the land. In comparing two 20 acre parcels, the parcel that allows him to build 80 – 100 homes is of greater value that the parcel that only allows him to build 20 homes on one acre. Then of course, there is the cost of infrastructure to develop each of those lots.
Another trend we’re seeing that drives the value of land up is people want walkability. So, if there’s something nearby worth walking to (e.g. retail, restaurants, doctors’ offices, parks and grocery stores) the lots will need to be smaller and homes closer together to form a walkable community. People concerned about the environment view a walkable community as positive for our environment due to the fact you don’t have to drive your car to go everywhere. This also save on money on gas. However, if you’re the only home in Downtown Apex with a third of an acre, your lot may be extremely desirable. Another reason smaller lots are becoming more desirable is people don’t want the responsibility of doing yard work. The younger generations want to be mobile, on the go and not strapped to their house all weekend. The baby boomers and their elders are tired of doing yard work or physically can’t handle the maintenance.
Other Determining Factors: There are many other things that affect home values. Some negatives may be back to a road, highway, commercial property, or railroad tracks, is near utility or cell phone towers, noise nuisances, or has a bad floor plan. Positives may include walkability, green features, amenities, and lifestyle features.
What kind of homes will I find in Apex, NC?
Apex, NC features a variety of Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Condos, Historic Homes, Farm Houses, Horse Farms, and others. You will find many different styles such as Bungalow, Cottage, Colonial, Traditional, Arts & Craft, Farmhouse, Ranch, Victorian, Tudor, Early 20th Century, Post-War, and more. There is something for everyone!
What is Apex, NC Convenient to or near?
Apex is extremely convenient to much of the Triangle. It is bordered by Raleigh, Cary and Holly Springs and near Morrisville, Fearrington, and Fuquay-Varina. Ten-Ten begins in Downtown Apex and is called Center Street. This will take you through Holly Springs all the way to Clayton in Johnston County. Hwy 55 is a major artery and runs from Durham to Cary, through Apex (known as Williams Street), through Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina and all the way to the Pamlico Sound.  You can access Hwy 64, 440, US 1 near downtown Apex at Davis Dr. or just off Hwy 55. The Western Wake Freeway (aka 540 toll roads) is slated to open December 2012 at the earliest and will have access ramps in Apex. You can currently get to 540 in less than 10 minutes from Hwy 55 in Cary. Travel to Downtown Raleigh is estimated at 20 minutes. You can get to Durham, Chapel Hill and other towns in approximately 30 – 40 minutes. Pittsboro and Fearrington is about 15 – 20 minutes from downtown Apex. It is one of the most convenient places to live in the Triangle.
What is there to do in Apex, NC?
Downtown Apex is a destination in itself. Folks travel from all over to visit Historic Downtown Apex. Apex Features several Festivals including Old Fashioned 4th of July, Peak Fest Arts & Craft Fair, Historic Homes Tour sponsored by Apex Historical Society, and Annual Christmas Parade sponsored by the Apex Rotary Club. Apex recently held its First Annual Peak City Pig Fest boasting “The Biggest Cookout in All the Triangle” sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS). You can also visit Halle Cultural Arts Center or town also has a community center, community parks, shopping at Beaver Creek Commons, and smaller outlying shopping centers. Beaver Creek Commons includes Super Target, Regal Cinemas, Home Depot, Lowes Home Improvement, Pets Mart, AC Moore, restaurants and several other retail stores. A Walmart Supercenter is located on the Apex Peakway just minutes from Downtown.
Apex is also convenient to Sporting Events, Music Venues, Museums, Public Parks & Lakes and more. You can take a day trip to local North Carolina towns, beaches, and mountains.
What are the schools for Apex, NC? What do I need to know about Apex Schools?
Apex is part of the Wake County School District. You can view the school choices at There are several elementary and middle public schools located in Apex. Some of these are Traditional and some are Year-Round. There is currently one high school located in Apex. Here’s a tip; most schools named after a NC city in the Triangle are usually the first school of that city. Therefore, the one high school currently located in Apex is Apex High School. You can find Apex High School within walking distance of Downtown Apex. There are plans to build another high school in Apex. Apex High School has some of the highest SAT scores of NC schools and is ranked as one of the nation’s top 500 high schools. AHS is also known for its AOIT (Academy of Information Technology) program and the Cougar athletics program which excels in men’s & women’s soccer, men’s & women’s Lacrosse, men’s & women’s swimming, Women’s Volleyball as well as several other sports. People often comment about the community support for Apex High School. It isn’t uncommon to see local residents at several of the schools home games or to have an overwhelming support from local businesses.
There are many private schools in or near Apex as well. Downtown features Thales Academy which is a K-8 college preparatory school. Other private schools which Apex kids attend are Grace Christian, St. Michaels, St. Mary Magdalene, Cary Christian, and Cary Academy.
What else do I need to know about Apex, NC?
Apex is about the community and bringing the community together. There’s so much more to explore about Apex. If you’re moving to the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area, it would be worth your time to visit Apex. If the location doesn’t work for you, you’ve still found a town that you’ll want to visit time and again. Of course, having a Realtor who knows Apex and the surround area would be a great place to start!

Street where you can find real estate in Apex, NC

Apex Accolades


Money Magazine's Best Place to Live


  • #3 Best Places to Move (Forbes Magazine 2011)
  • #15 Where the Jobs Are (Raleigh, Cary, Apex - CNN Money 2011)
  • #447 Apex High School One of America's Best High Schools (Newsweek Top 500 - 2011)


  • #1-  Most Wired Cities in the United States (Raleigh Metro Area, NC), March 2010
  • #3- Top small business markets in the country (Raleigh Metro Area, NC) –American City Business Journals, February 2010



  • #44 Best Place To Live (Top 100 list of Americas best small towns by CNN, 2009)
  • 3rd Best Places to Move in America (, 2009) 



  • 14th Best Place to Live in America (CNN/Money Magazine, 2007) 

North Carolina Accolades


  • #3 Top 10 State Business Climates, Site Selection Magazine (November 2011)
  • #3 State for Workforce Training (North Carolina), Business Facilities (August 2011)
  • #5 Strongest Biotechnology Industry (North Carolina), Business Facilities (August 2011)
  • #10 State for Solar Energy Generation (North Carolina), Business Facilities (August 2011)
  • #8 State for Venture Capital (North Carolina), (August 2011)
Additional Information About Apex, NC

Top 10 Things to do In Apex, NC

Apex, NC: "The Peak of Good Living"


There is plenty to do in Apex and the surrounding areas. Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Chapel Hill are so convenient that you can do just about any activity or attend any venue you want within 30 minutes or less. If you live in Apex, NC, you're more than likely already involved in youth activities, volunteer opportunities, athletics or hobbies. The focus of this list is Things to do within Apex, NC.


#10 Spend the day at an Apex Park: Crowder District Park, Kelly Road Park, Apex Community Park

#9 Dinner at Daniels Pizza Pasta Restaurant

#8 See a Movie at Beaver Creek Commons – Regal Cinemas

#7 Go on a Historic Home Tour

#6 Swim or exercise at Kraft Family YMCA

#5 Visit Halle Cultural Arts Center

#4 Take Horseback Riding Lessons

#3 Shop Downtown Apex

#2 Golf at Knights Play Golf

#1 Attend an Apex Festival

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