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Cary, North Carolina - The land of plenty!
Guess White Ogle House in Downtown Cary NC
Guess - White - Ogle House: Downtown Cary NC  - photo owned by Carla Freund
Cary North Carolina Real Estate, Real Life, Real Living!
So What's Life in Cary all about? As Triangle NC Real Estate Professionals, our goal is to help Home Buyers settle into the best town or city for them. All Triangle Towns have something to offer for their residents. There's someone who love each town.  We'll be exploring each area and bringing you Real Life experiences, Real Living, and Real Estate from Each Town. Please Check back Often for Updates! We have some real exciting plans in the works!!
Why is Cary NC so Popular?
Cary isn't a new town and has actually been around for a long time. There is quite a bit of information online about the History of Cary NC
There were a couple changes in the Triangle that really helped Cary grow and form the Cary we know and love today. That was the development of The Research Triangle Park which borders Cary, Raleigh, & Durham and SAS Institute, a global company headquartered in Cary NC. What does that have to do with Cary? Both RTP and SAS brought high tech jobs to the area which also brought people to the area. 
Cary NC is known for low crime, great schools, fantastic jobs, high levels of degreed professionals, affordable living, green ways & walking trails, and an overall Wonderful Life!
Cary is the 2nd largest town in Wake County, the 3rd largest in the Triangle and 4th largest in North Carolina with a population greater than 150k people. In 1990, Cary had a population of about 45k people and Cary is still growing.
People will joke that they rarely meet someone who was born and raised in Cary. 
Clock in Downtown Cary NC
Downtown Cary NC - photo owned by Carla Freund
What Makes Cary NC Tick?
Many residents came to call Cary home because of job transfers. But, there's more to Cary than just jobs.
Because so many came to a town where they had no family and in many cases no friends, they began to form their own extended families. Many were able to plug in to local churches.
Cary is widely known for its schools. Cary is currently part of the Wake County School system. Just because you live in Cary doesn't mean you'll attend a school located in the town. What you will find is many parents and much of the community get involved in the local schools. Parent & Community involvement help make the schools successful.
Outside of work, family, school and church, there is a lot to do in and around Cary, NC. Cary has several golf course for those who love to be on the greens. If you're into biking, running or walking, you'll find Cary's extensive green ways and trails to be some of the best. 
Sports for young and old are abundant in and around Cary as evidenced by some of the local team sports, clubs and facilities such as Carolina Railhawks, Cary Invasion BasketballUSA Baseball, Cary Tennis Park, and Triangle Aquatic Center.
 The Cary Movie Theater in Downtown Cary NC
The Cary Theater - photo owned by Carla Freund
Where do the Locals Go in Cary, NC?
Downtown Cary - The town of Cary is steadily working on revitalizing the Downtown Cary. So far, they've revitalized and re-opened The Cary, a 1940's movie theater. There's also the Cary Art's Center. We're anxiously awaiting a park, a farm to table restaurant and more in Downtown Cary.
Other local favorites:
Restaurants & Eateries
An Cuisines
Ashworth's Drug Store
Bocci Trattoria
Havana Grill
LaFarm Bakery
Lucky 32
Parks & Recreation
Bond Park
Cary Arts Center
Koka Booth Amphitheater
Hotel & Spa
Umstead hotel & Spa