Top 10 Reasons People are Moving to NC

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Did you know North Carolina ranks #3 in In-Migration? People are moving to the Raleigh North Carolina area from all over the United States. Some of the top states people are moving from are New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, Virginia, DC, Maryland, and others. Check out the Top reasons people are taking advantage of the Raleigh Real Estate market and moving to the Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas.


#10 People:

Visitors visiting North Carolina and/or doing their House Hunting in the Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas almost always ask me the same question, "Why are the People here so nice?" It's true; some of the friendliest people live in the South.  However, Triangle residents aren't all originally from the South.  You'll find individuals from almost any state and a large variety of countries.  Because there are so many transplants in the area, you'll notice people eager to make friends and learn about each others culture and traditions.  So what makes Triangle residents so friendly?  Well, I think it's all the  reasons mentioned below and more. Having ample days of Sunshine also goes a long way. 

#9 Lifestyle:

Whether you're looking for more to do or an opportunity to slow down and take it easy, you'll find it here in The North Carolina Triangle. There is a growing number of retirees moving to Raleigh, Cary, and surrounding areas and retiring in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and other small towns. They come here to be near family, enjoy the lakes, golf courses, fine arts and more. They also appreciate low taxes, Affordable Raleigh Real Estate, Mild Climate, and Moderate Cost of Living. Many comment that they're just tired of shoveling snow. Others say they don't want year round heat and humidity. There's also people moving here for youth opportunities. The Raleigh and Cary North Carolina area boast some of the Top sports clubs and fine arts establishments. I've met many people moving here so their child can compete at a high level of swimming, gymnastics, soccer, baseball, horseback riding, music, and other activities. I believe there are some future Olympians in the Raleigh, Cary, and surrounding areas. 

#8 Moderate Cost of Living:

Overall, the Triangle area is very affordable. The Raleigh area median income is inline with the remainder of the United States while smaller surrounding cities is higher than the US and North Carolina Average. Raleigh, Durham and most surrounding towns have very affordable housing and come in at average pricing when compared to the remiander of the US.

#7 Following Family:

Many people relocate to the North Carolina Triangle for a variety of reasons. What we're finding is once someone moves here, they like it so much they want to move the remainder of their family here. Parents are following their grown kids. Brothers and sisters are following their siblings. I've worked with several members of the same family.

#6 Schools:

(SAT Scores): North Carolina continues to set and achieve higher goals each year.  That evidence is strongest in Wake County where the average SAT scores exceeds the state and national average.  Not only will you find great public schools, charter, magnet, and private schools are widely available.

#5 Universities:

You'll find some of the top Universities in the Triangle area which is what brings many families here.  Known for its schools of medicine and technology, NC has a lot to offer the scholar.  In the heart of Raleigh you'll find NC State along with many Wolfpack fans.  Not far away, Chapel Hill offers the University of North Carolina and inDurhamDuke University.   The list is endless.

#4 Affordable Real Estate:

Average Real Estate prices in the United States range from the high $100k's to low $400k. Raleigh Real Estate is at the mid point of an average of $267k - $327k. Of course there is a range but, when all averaged together, this is approximately where you'll end up.

#3 Mild Climate:

Seasons - NC offers enjoyable weather year round with four distinctive seasons.  Just when you're ready for a change-you get a change.  You'll enjoy the beautiful colors of fall across the parkway and throughout NC as the trees begin to change to shades of red, orange, yellow and brown.  Excitement is in the air as school and football crank up the fall season.  The sun still shines in the winter and if we're lucky, we'll receive a stunning blanket of white snow to enjoy.  What a great time to travel to the mountains to cut a fresh Christmas tree for your home.  Spring bounces in with magnificent shades of pinks, yellows, lilacs, and pale green.  The community comes alive in the spring with outdoor activities.  Summer won't be outdone with its glorious sunshine and long days.  Residents cherish the time at the pool or spent with friends and family at BBQ's.  Just when you're ready for a break, the seasons begin again.

#2 Low Taxes:

I work with a lot of people relocating to the Raleigh Real Estate market from up North. One of the main reason's I'm told is because they're looking for lower Real Estate tax rates. Generally speaking you'll find Raleigh Real Estate taxes rates based on the county rate and if inside the city limits, there will be a city tax. Raleigh Real Estate Tax Rates tend to be a good amount less than our Northern friends.

#1 Employment:

The Triangle is known for "Research Triangle Park" where you'll find several top employers.  Wake, Durham & Orange Counties as well as individual towns are active in keeping and bringing jobs to the Triangle area.  The Triangle is known as one of the "Best Cities to Live and Work". You may find it interesting to know there are several people who have convinced their employers to allow them to work at home so they can choose to move to North Carolina. Must be something to it!

So, What are you waiting for? Check out the Raleigh, Cary, Durahm, & Chapel Hill Real Estate markets. You might just find your reason to relocate to the North Carolina Triangle.